Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lights..Camera..Action.. 7TV rolling.

Myself and Martin have now got a couple of games of 7TV under our belts and are happy to report back that it is an excellent game system. Not only does the background material allow you create almost any show you like but the mechanics mean you arent looking up stat tables all the time.

We played a 200 Rating Show last night. Martin featured his Evil Cultists' who had invaded a sleepy village in rural England intent on taking over and converting the yokels to their will. However a small flaw in their plan was that the local pub in the village was the favorite watering hole of one Sid Roughdiamond, a government agent with an ego as large as his suit collection.

On hearing that his favorite tipple was off the menu Sid jumped in his Aston and sped down to the village, calling on his trusty sidekick, Den Carter, to do the same. They also called up some help from the security force from the nearby secret missile base.

The Cultist boss seeing his plan about to go all Pete Tong dispatched his force across the village to deal with Roughdiamond. Unfortunately he misread the situation and whilst trying to make use of of the cover of walls and vehicles he still managed to lose 75% of his force in 4 turns which caused him to turn and run having failed the morale test (well a nicely played event card ensured he had to run lol)

A great game and cant wait to play some more with some different casts.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Relics:Armistice League is kicking off and one of the major teams of the league are the Britanan Jorjanian Patriots.

This is my team that I painted over the past few days and hope to see them in action on the field very soon.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Relics: Armistice League - Coming to a table near you soon.

So I received a full Britanan Armistice League team from Gav at Tor Gaming. As you would expect from these guys the casts are fantastic, very clean and well detailed with hardly any clean up or mould lines. I shall be posting up the painted minis over the next couple of days for your appreciation. If you want to know more about the game then pop over to the Tor Gaming forum at http://www.torgaming.co.uk/forum/index.php

Suffice to say this is not blood bowl as no grids or squares are used and the pitch is 2 x 4 !!

Check back for more updates soon.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Grumpy Old Wargamers Convention

Last weekend saw the inaugural outing for The Grumpy Old Wargames Convention held at Tabletop Nation. This conn is the brainchild of Templarscrusade01, if you are regular YouTube'r, if not his name is Brian and a thoroughly nice chap he is too.

The weekend was extremely well attended with tons a gamers running demos, a painting competition and more YouTube celebs than you could shake a stick at.

I met loads of great people including Spud, Andy and Chuffy, three YouTube guys who were great fun and not forgetting Chuffys lovely wife who spent a lot of time hanging with us watching Relics.

Me and Gav chat in the background whilst Spud beats a Yank into submission with the Britanans.

For the most part myself and the rest of the JAG guys spent the weekend supporting Gav of Tor Gaming fame by running Relics demos for both days. The game went down a storm, just as it always does and Wayland Games sold tons of models and the new rulebook, so much so that Gav had to keep running out to his warehouse (car) to restock them.

Day ones painting competition was well supported with some lovely minis, shame they didnt have a separate category for the pro painters who insisted on entering but hey ho.

Southend Wargames were running a truly huge FoW D-Day landings table, with 16 Allied players trying to take the beaches.

The YouTubers had a Q&A session in the bar and Beasts of War were filming all day and doing studio tours too boot.

Sunday was a relaxed day of gaming for everyone who attended and the guys who were so bust the day before got a chance to come try some games. Over on the Relics table we showed Warren from Beasts of War and a few of the guys how to play and they all enjoyed it. Must apologise to Gav as I think the Pueri are now known as Floating Naked Ladies and the Panetentium are now Sado-masochistic Dwarfs (try saying that one Brian).

A truly brilliant weekend that myself and the JAG guys will be back to fully support next year as this can only get bigger and better.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Scots come to play Infinity

Decided to paint a few more Infinity minis for my Ariadna force. This time its the Scots and start the ball rolling here is a lovely young lady. A great model to paint with plenty of good detail as you always expect from these guys.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

MCM ComicCon London 2013

Lottie and I ventured out to ComicCon, our first one, and it was such a blast. The place was packed with tons of people well dressed up from Pikachu through to HellBoy, and everything in-between. Loads of Steampunkers posing around and very nice they looked too. Plenty of stuff to buy and try and loads of meet and greets, photo ops etc. It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones too.

Lottie and the Artyfakes Troll

Lottie with Kat & James (The TTN Steampunkers)

Lottie with a Alice inspired Steampunk Girl

Lottie with our friend Tabitha Lyons.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that Lottie wants to get a Link costume and I am now looking at Steampunk apparel so that we can blend in better at our next foray.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Infinity - The Ariadnan Force

Infinity a real blast of a game. Fast, frantic fun. Its a breakneck speed game where you can't afford to look away from the table incase you miss a nice reaction shot. Small scale crew sizes make this an affordable system to play as you can field as few as five models for an effective force.

I play the Ariadnan Force which comprises of the peoples of Earth who left to settle and got cutoff for many years. They comprise, US, French, Scots and Russians and whilst not technologically advanced these guys are mean and pack a real punch with some devastating firepower and some really cool close combat surprises. Also the enemy find them infuriating as they have no tech that can be hacked.

Here is a view of some of my force.