Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lights..Camera..Action.. 7TV rolling.

Myself and Martin have now got a couple of games of 7TV under our belts and are happy to report back that it is an excellent game system. Not only does the background material allow you create almost any show you like but the mechanics mean you arent looking up stat tables all the time.

We played a 200 Rating Show last night. Martin featured his Evil Cultists' who had invaded a sleepy village in rural England intent on taking over and converting the yokels to their will. However a small flaw in their plan was that the local pub in the village was the favorite watering hole of one Sid Roughdiamond, a government agent with an ego as large as his suit collection.

On hearing that his favorite tipple was off the menu Sid jumped in his Aston and sped down to the village, calling on his trusty sidekick, Den Carter, to do the same. They also called up some help from the security force from the nearby secret missile base.

The Cultist boss seeing his plan about to go all Pete Tong dispatched his force across the village to deal with Roughdiamond. Unfortunately he misread the situation and whilst trying to make use of of the cover of walls and vehicles he still managed to lose 75% of his force in 4 turns which caused him to turn and run having failed the morale test (well a nicely played event card ensured he had to run lol)

A great game and cant wait to play some more with some different casts.

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